Convert Numbers To Roman Numerals In Excel

Did you know that Excel had a ROMAN function?, Me neither, I love when I discover something new in Excel.

This little Excel beauty could be used for invitations perhaps, to give a unique look to the date, or for settling arguments on the original dates of TV programs when they are re run on TV.

You know that annoying little date at the end of the credits? (ok this ones sad but it has come in useful).

The syntax for this formula is


Number is the number you want to convert and Type is optional and can be any one of the following formats:-

Let’s do an example or two, see below:-

Give this little known function a go, its quite fun.


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    • Barbara says

      HI Alex

      There is no no direct way to do this. But what I suggest is type a series of numbers starting in cell A1 for exmaple

      then in cell B2 use the formula =ROMAN(A1) to reference the values in column A, and drag down, this will give yu the same effect as a fill series of Roman numerals,

      Hope that helps


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