Quickly Create A Table Of Contents In Excel

If like me, you create a substantial amount of worksheets in the the one workbook, for certain tasks then a good way to

# 1 help users of the spreadsheet to to navigate your workbook

# 2 give your workbook that professional edge

is to create a Table Of Contents (TOC) on the first worksheet in your Excel workbook.

There is a really quick way to do this in Excel to save you time.  Lets get rolling with this great tip… in my example I have renamed my first worksheet as  Table Of Contents (TOC), as this is where I am going to put my TOC that will contain the hyperlinks to my other areas of my workbook1. Save your workbook if it has not already been saved.  This tip only works with a saved workbook, so if you have just opened a new workbook, and not saved it this won’t work.

  2. Select the cell you want to LINK TO.
  3. Point to the cell border, and right click with the mouse.
  4. Press the ALT key and and drag the cells to the TOC worksheet.
  5. Once the sheet has been activated you can then drag the cells to position you want the hyperlink to be on the TOC worksheet.
  6. Release the ALT key and when the pop up menu appears, select “Create Hyperlink Here”

7. The Hyperlink will appear for you with the original cell text.

There it is the quickest way to create a table of contents in Excel.

Let me know if you like this tip.

Do you use table of contents often?.

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  1. Paul says

    Thanks Barbara,

    Works a treat after I did it right (fourth attempt) :-)

    I will find this very useful when I am creating a spreadsheet with more than 15 tabs.

    Much appreciated.


  2. William says

    I have created an Index page for a 12 sheet workbook with hyperlinks to each sheet. However when i click the back yo index cell I get a popup that reads “Reference is Not Valid”. Any suggestions?

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