Add A Word Document Into Excel

Have you ever needed to type a large number of words into Excel, to facilitate the explanation of a set of values contained within the workbook, or you may just want to have a whole presentation based in Excel?  Typing a lot of words into a text box can be quite restrictive.

.muscle-arm-jpgWe can however unleash the full power of Word right from Excel……

Just what does that mean?  Well, as you are typing into Excel you can have access to all of Word’s Menus.


  • Place your cell pointer in the top left of where you want your text top begin
  • Select Insert Object.  Excel will then display the Object Dialog Box
  • Select Microsoft Office Word Document

insert word document into excel 1










  • Click Ok
  • Go ahead and type your document within the frame that has been provided.

You can re-size the frame to suit your requirements using the re-size handles in the corner of the frame.  You will also notice that as your are typing in the document, the Excel ribbon is replaced with the Word ribbon  So, you can format and edit just as you were working right in Word.

If you click back out of the frame then you are taken right back to the Excel ribbon.  How neat is that?.

insert word document into excel 2


This functionality is not restricted to Word, you can also do the same with Access and Powerpoint and of course you can flip this around and insert Excel right into Word- why not experiment the next time you need to do a presentation…

Have you used this feature before?  let me know how it went and what you thought of it in the comments below….

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